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Hurricane Mathew Blew By! 

We were spared much of the typical wind and flooding damage that is generally followed by a hurricane of that size. We were very blessed for that.  However, storm surge and inland rainfalls have made their way to the coastline.  Many of the areas where the items we collect to ship to you have been 'changed'.  At this time, our famous pods have been disturbed enough so that they cannot be collected in large numbers.  I have temporarily removed the pods from the site. Customers with subscriptions and auto delivery of pods will not be affected.  I am very optimistic that they will settle down and gather back to familiar spots by the end of the week.  Be sure to click the link on the pods page to be notified when they return to stock.

On a better note; Micro Stars are still available. I thought for sure we were going to lose them for a long time. They are collected from the bottoms of floating docks at marinas and such. Typically just prior to a large storm, these docks are removed from the water to prevent damage to the pylings. Removal of the docks would have been devistating to the Micro Stars. For some reason, the docks were not removed prior to the arrival of Mathew. This left the MicroStars intact and easily accessible. We are in the process of culturing the Micro stars to prevent a potentially devastating event in the future.

We want to thank you all for your support and kindness throughout the years.  We do this because we love the water and everything that lives in it.  We also do this because we want to share that love with you.  We strive every day to to make sure that we collect, package, and ship only the best items for you.  Thank you again!

Micro Starfish.


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