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Jade or Fat Sleeper Goby

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The fat sleeper (Dormitator maculatus) is a species of fish belonging to the family Eleotridae, known for their flat heads; they are generally found in fresh water. Fat sleepers are small fish that have two distinct dorsal fins and scaled, flat heads. Their tails are rounded. They are fully scaled, and their fins are higher up on the body than other species. Their bodies are a darker brown, whereas their dorsal and anal fins are redder in color. They have a dark blue spot around their gill covers. The fat sleeper is found from the Bahamas and North Carolina to Brazil. It lives in intertidal areas on muddy bottoms, and is more frequent in brackish water. It can be found commonly in freshwater or saline coastal pools and river mouths. These fish are jumpers. Be sure to have your aquarium covered. They do get large(4.5″-5.5″). They will eat what they can catch and fit in their mouths. Our Fat sleepers range in size from 1.5″-3″. You may specify size when ordering in the comments are of the shopping cart.

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