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Live Foods

Live Foods

Quality, Quantity, Value and Service is what sets us apart from the crowd. Choose from our portions of Mixed Pods, Saltwater Ghost Shrimp or Macro Algae. You can order now and receive them now.  Or,  order now and receive them automatically on your schedule: every week, 2 weeks, or every month.


Our portions of pods are collected 2 - 3 times /week and packaged per order. Your fish will receive the freshest and most nutritious portions of pods available. In many cases these pods were in the ocean just hours before being packaged and shipped to you. Each portion will contain over 100 mixed pods. You will find Amphipods, Copepods, Isopods and occasionally, Skeleton Shrimp, baby Crabs, Shrimp or tiny sand Worms.

Freshwater Pods coming soon!

Ghost Shrimp

These Ghost shrimp tend to be seasonal, but when available they are an outstanding food source for your marine fish. The sizes will vary with each order, but you will see young shrimp 1/4" up to adults 1" in size.

Vegetarian Diets

Macro algae is not just for looks or for helping to reduce Nitrates. It is also an outstanding live natural food source for ALL your fish. Even your carnivorous fish need macro algae. Many Pods and shrimp are omnivores. They eat macro algae and acquire all the nutrients that it has to offer. So, when your Lionfish eats saltwater shrimp or your Mandarin chomps on some Pods, they also benefit  from the nutrients provided by Macro Algae.