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Marine Plants

Sea Grasses

These are true vascular marine plants. They require more nutriets than macros, thereby taking more nutrients out of your water (reducing nitrates).  They are less apt to be eaten by      herbivores as fish prefer the soft macro.  Grasses require a deeper sandbed (available here!) and high output lighting:  T5, LED, metal halide. Please email or call with any questions.These plants are both personally collected by myself and kept here at our facility.

They include items such as; Turtle Grass, Shoal Grass, Manatee Grass and more... 

Macro Algae

Macros are added for beauty and medicinal value. There are thousands (upon  thousands!) of different types of macro algae ranging from red to brown to green! Macro algae store and contain vital nutrients that contribute to the health of fish such as:         iodine, amino acids, calcium carbonate.   We   offer brown, red and green macro algae.  We look forward to adding aquacultured Caulerpas in the future.  Macro algae are not true plants. They have no true roots, stem, or leaves.  They need not be planted, but attach themselves to rock or send "hold fasts" into substrate.  Lighting needs range from very little to high output.