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Great snails for helping you keep the sand/substrate looking great! You'll find some unique snails here like: Common Marginellas (seasonal),  Cerith/Dwarf Ceriths and Bubble Snails (seasonal).  These snails usually collected by ourselves.

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Nassarius vibex

Product no.: nass vib

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Bubble Snails 6

Product no.: bubblesnails06

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Dwarf Cerith Snails 12

Product no.: dwarfceriths12

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Common Marginellas 10

Product no.: margin10

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Dwarf Cerith Snails

Product no.: dwarfcerith1

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Common Marginella Snails

Product no.: margin1

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Bubble Snails

Product no.: bubblesnail01

Available from 8/7/2016 until 8/28/2016.  We collect these little snails along the Indian River Lagoon. They are very sneaky little snails and can be difficult to find at times. 

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Stocky Cerith Snails

Product no.: pacific cerith

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Cerith Snails

Product no.: cerith

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