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Keys_pic I would be lying if I said; "This is a tough Job.", so I won't!  It is difficult to find time to break away from shipping orders out to get down to the Keys as often as we would like. We have been making our trips to the keys for over 6 years. We used to go as often as once a month. We are excited to be making this trip. We are planning on collecting the following items;





Live White aragonite sand

Eel Grass

Manatee Grass

Live grey aragonite mud

Turtle Grass


Micro Star Fish

Virgin Nerite snails

Chestnut Turban Snails

Cerith Snails


Feel free to email us, give us a call or go ahead and pre order your items now. Most of the items we collect from the Keys doesn't stick around long! Order now and be sure to get the best for your aquarium.