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Acclimation Procedures


We do not recommend the drip acclimation process for any animal that has been shipped or spent more than 10 or 12 hrs. in a bag. I liken a fish in a shipping bag for a long period of time to a person who is in a smoke filled room. If a person has spent some time in a room full of smoke, the way to make that person more comfortable is not to introduce very small amounts of clean air over a period of several hours. The best thing for that person would be to bring that person into clean air as quickly as possible. There is no reason to subject a fish or an invertebrate to more stress and agony for several more hours when perfectly good water conditions are right there. I suggest: 1. Open the bag. 2. Add to the bag, 1/4 cup of water from your aquarium. 3. Float the bag, or let it hang over the edge of aquarium to help bring temps together. This should take no more than 15 mins.. 4. Add more aquarium water, and let it mix thoroughly. Take a minute or 2 to mix the water in the bag with aquarium water and release the fish/invertebrate into the tank in the desired location.