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Monodactylus Argenteus

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This species occurs in a wide variety of habitat types, including the open ocean, brackish waters, and the freshwater habitat of rivers. In Australia it can be found in harbors and estuaries around piers. Its ability to survive in a wide range of salinities makes it a model organism in the study of salinity tolerance. Juveniles are especially tolerant to salinity changes, easily maintaining homeostasis in variable environments such as estuaries. Although the silver moony displays territorial behavior, the species can be kept in saltwater aquaria and is easy to rear in captivity. It can remain solitary or form schools. It is a detritivore and planktivore.


Product Note Status Price
Archer Fish Archer Fish
Wasp Fish(brackish) Wasp Fish(brackish)
Jade or Fat Sleeper Goby Jade or Fat Sleeper Goby
Florida Blenny Florida Blenny
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