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You can buy Aragonite sand almost anywhere.  You may ask yourself,  "Why do I want this aragonite sand?  What am I trying to accomplish? and/or  How much is the right sand worth to my fish, corals and plants?"   Our LIVE Keys Sand will strengthen corals and help them develop stronger and faster.  Keys Sand is white and aragonite; perfect to beautify and aid your reef tank.   Keeps pH at proper levels.  We have collected the sand, returned to our nursery and have kept it oxygenated all the way.  Therefore, it is full of beneficial bacteria, tiny worms, trace minerals as well as calcium carbonate.


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Our Sand is ALIVE! This sand is golden in color, contains minerals, beneficial bacteria, small sand worms and maybe even  burrowing brittle star fish. This is by far the finest Live Sand available to the hobby.  See for yourself why so many people come back and tell their friends about our sand and mud.


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Keys Mud is high in minerals and trace minerals essential for feeding sea grasses, macro algae, as well as stony corals. This "Keys Mud" comes directly from the Florida Keys and is made up of high amounts of calcium carbonite.   It is grey in color and  both very fine and gritty due to various stages of decomposition of materials (such as halimeda).  It contains beneficial bacteria and tiny worms and therefore great for seeding new tanks, refugiums, or just boosting your current system.  We have collected this mud and have kept it oxygenated since its exit from the ocean.


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