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Live Golden Sand 1 Cup

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Our Sand is ALIVE! This sand is golden in color, contains minerals, beneficial bacteria, small sand worms and maybe even  burrowing brittle star fish. This is by far the finest Live Sand available to the hobby.  See for yourself why so many people come back and tell their friends about our sand and mud.


Product Note Status Price
Turtle Grass ea. Turtle Grass ea.
Turtle grass needs a deep sand bed of at least 6 inches
Star Grass 3 Plants(Halophila engelmannii) Star Grass 3 Plants(Halophila engelmannii)
Star grass requires little sand as little as 2".
Shoal Grass, 6 Plants Shoal Grass, 6 Plants
Shoal grass needs at least 3" of sand.
Manatee Grass 3/plants Manatee Grass 3/plants
Manatee grass likes to have between 3-4" of sand anchoring its roots.
Red Mangrove Shoots Red Mangrove Shoots
Mangroves will do well with their roots anchored in rock with sand/mud filling the gaps.
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