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Customer ratings for Star Grass 3 Plants(Halophila engelmannii)

Star Grass 3 Plants(Halophila engelmannii)

This is among the most hardy and fastest growing of all our sea grasses. It is a relatively small grass in comparison to the tall Shoal, Manatee, and Turtle grasses. This is also one of the more delicate leaves of the grasses. It's delicate leaves make it a little more susceptible to herbivores.

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Number of ratings: 4
Average rating: 5
Some notes on this wonderful seagrass
from Anonymous on 7/25/2017
This is my second update to my original review from 2/11/2017. I have at least 10 times as many stems now as I did five months ago, and have divided it into multiple plants. They have started flowering, too, though I have yet to see any ripe seed pods. Seems to grow larger in deeper sediment, say 3" or more, but still does fairly well in just 1". The old stalks die off after about a month, but by then there are about three new ones, and the old stalk sends out a new runner. Very tolerant of transplanting. I have a tank without a heater and it's doing well in there, too. I've read that when the newest leaves are red-ish they need fertilizer. My experience seems to confirm this, and the tabs used for freshwater plant have helped resolve the issue without large algae blooms in the rest of the tank.
Cute AND hardy
from Anonymous on 3/26/2017
This is an update to my post on 2/11/2017. My heater burst on 2/15, killed all my corals, and blackened the leaves on my star grass. I pulled it out as soon as I got home, preserving just last inch and a half of the runner that had been growing under the surface and still had a couple green leaves and a bud. They survived the hasty transfer and lived in (heated and circulated) buckets without sand for several days. They've been in the new tank for about five weeks and have nearly tripled in size.
Great little sea grass
from Anonymous on 2/11/2017
Received mine a week ago and it is doing well. The runners and roots seem to grow very quickly, the leaves a little less so, but they look nice and green and happy. The water was pretty cold when I pulled it out of the box, but it doesn't seem to have affected it at all. I did a 15 minute acclimation without any problems.
recommended with proper growing requirements
from Anonymous on 10/5/2015
When I received the Star Grass, most leaves had fallen off, and the few still attached were very withered in appearance. The specific gravity of the bag was 1.027, and my tank 1.025. I acclimated plants over a 24 hour period. They are kept in a refugium illuminated with a PAR38 Refugium Light, containing 15 pounds of Refugite. There is a small amount of growth present, with new leaves now beginning to appear. I received the plants about a week ago, and are very slow growing at this point. The refugium contains several Stomatella snails, and they do not appear to feed upon the plants. Thank you.