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We have found ulva growing in this area. I am finding it wrinkly and in the diameter of a value-menu sized hamburger bun. Looks good. This makes a fantastic refugium plant and is very desirable to pods. They eat it and live in it!


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Each Portion will contain OVER 100 Pods!

Amphipods, Copepods and assorted micro fauna are excellent additions to your main tank or refugium. Most of these tiny critters are detrivors or micro algae eaters. They are also a tremendous food source for fish and inverts of all kinds. Our portion O' pods contains approximately one hundred pods.


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The Gracilaria ranges in color from bright red to orange to brownish. It's branches feel as if they are full of water. This macro will take nutrients out of your water, however has not grown very quickly for us. Gracilaria is a very attractive piece of the sea and is usually purchased as food or an addition to make the inhabitants of your aquarium feel at home.


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Adds interest and appeal to an aquarium. Hardy


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Mangrove pods are collected before they have sprouted. Mangrove is an great addition to your refugium being an excellent nutrient exporter. They will require 10 hours of strong lighting/day. Mangroves are a tree, however, and grow very slow ...around an inch in a year all the while helping to keep your aquarium healthy.


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This marine plant is an interesting addition to any aquarium or refugium. It grows best with good quality, strong lighting for at least 8-10/ hrs a day. Turtle grass requires a good six inch+, mature sand bed for optimal root structure.


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Gracilaria on Shell is a great way to get gracilaria to grow continuously for you. With it already growing on a shell, it will be more likely to continue to grow and spread. It is a wonderful food source for most Tangs, Angels and other herbivor fish and invertebrates. Gracilaria likes good current and strong, full spectrum lighting ie., newer T5 or super bright LEDs. 


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