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Virgin Nerite Snails

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The Virgin nerite is a beauty; displaying one of several designs on it's smooth shell.  Of five snails, they could each show a different, lovely pattern in different colors. It is a small snail,  normally growing to a 3/8" diameter. Ours, at this time, are young.  The amazing thing is, that they have a huge appetite!  We have been surprised at how well the little guys can clean up a tank. Apparently, size doesn't matter in the Virgin nerite world.  We personally collect these guys.

The story has it, from the source, that Julian Sprung had collected several of these unique snails on a trip to the Bahamas and released them in Florida. They are doing quite well in their new, transplanted home. THEY WILL NOT CLIMB OUT OF YOUR TANK!!  Smooth shell nerites stay in the water. Ridge-shelled nerites climb out.

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