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Wasp Fish(brackish)

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The Butterfly Goby (Neovespicula depressifrons) is a species of waspfish found in coastal habitats of the Indo-West Pacific region. N. depressifrons is the sole member of the genus Neovespicula. Synonyms include Apistes depressifrons and Vespicula depressifrons. Despite being traded as an aquarium fish under a variety of (somewhat misleading) common names, including dusky panther goby and butterfly goby, this fish is not a goby; it is in fact a member of the waspfish family Tetrarogidae within the suborder Scorpaenoidei. N. depressifrons is a small species, reaching a maximum size of 10 cm. It is similar to the bullrout in shape and colouration – mottled brown with a distinctive light stripe running along the dorsal surface from the nose and along the back of the fish. It has two dorsal fins, the first being notably taller than the second. Like other waspfish, N. depressifrons is a stealthy predator that feeds on various small fish and invertebrates. Also in common with other waspfish, it is equipped with venomous spines. N. depressifrons is a euryhaline species, so may be found in saltwater, brackish water, and freshwater environments.

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