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Live Products

Marine Plants

Marine Plants are very beneficial and in fact necessary for a healthy marine aquarium. We have 2 classes of plants;

Macro Algae

and Sea Grasses.

Marine Invertebrates

We collect and procur some of the most unique and stunning invertebrates available. Looking for something 'hard to find', give us a call or shoot us an email, we'll be happy to ask around and get exactly what your looking for!

Marine Fish

We collect some unique fish , not found anywhere else. We are also able to acquire hard to get and expensive fish for you as well. With four regional marine aquarium fish and coral suppliers, we can find just about ANYTHING you may be desiring. Our Clown Fish are captive raised from ORA or Proaquatics. Our Mandar gobies have been eating(our pods) and are healthy and ready to go in your established aquarium. View the Marine Fish we have now, or email or call us for a special order.

Marine Snails

Marine Snails

We collect many of the marine snails sold on our site. We offer some snails not found anywhere else when they are available.  Here we have broken the snails into two catagories:  Algae eaters and Detritivores/Scavengers.

Live Foods

Live Foods

If you are wanting to give your fish and inverts the very best and keep them healthy and happy, then you need to look here! We provide the best choices and value in Live Foods. Choose from our Mixed Pods or our Saltwater Ghost Shrimp. We even have a vegetarian option for those vegan fish of yours!

Live Mud/Sand

Don't spend your hard earned money on those jugs or jars of dead mud, when you can be placing the finest Live Mineral Mud in your system. We offer a choice of a rich organic mineral mud from a local area, or calcium rich Live Mineral Mud from the Florida Keys. We also have a locally derived silica/crushed coral Live Sand and a Aragonite calcium rich Live Florida Keys White Sand

Freshwater Fish

Yep!, We Got those Too!