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Ghost Shrimp

These shrimp are an excellent food source for just about everything you have. These are saltwater shrimp and will live and reproduce in saltwater. Some of these shrimp collected are carrying hundreds of eggs beneath their abdomens.  However, the baby shrimp feed tiny seahorses and mandarin fish. The adult shrimp are best used to feed large fish:  Marine Bettas, Lionfish, or Anthias.  Also great for feeding Sting Rays, Octopi and Cuttle Fish.

A note about shipping:  These shrimp are shipped in an insulated box with bags of ice during the summer months.  Mid winter, the shrimp are shipped in plenty of salwater with oxygen and in an insulated box, but usually without a heat pack. That's right; cold is better than heat.  We have shipped this way for the past 3 winter seasons. They will have recently been collected from waters in the 30s and 40s.  And after collecting, we do not keep them in a warm environment here.  This keeps the "shock" level down for traveling north. The shrimp will arrive to you "sleepy," but healthy.   

We have found that adding a heatpack usually does not add to the comfort of their trip.  They leave cold and become warm in transit. Then, the pack usually cools  down  upon  reaching  the destination.  The "up, down" temps stress the animals. We have less reported DOAs when the shrimp ship without a heatpack.

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