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Each Portion will contain OVER 100 Pods!

Amphipods, Copepods and assorted micro fauna are excellent additions to your main tank or refugium. Most of these tiny critters are detrivors or micro algae eaters. They are also a tremendous food source for fish and inverts of all kinds. Our portion O' pods contains approximately one hundred pods.

$11.99 *
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Clarkii Clown

The Clarkii Clownfish is a highly popular aquarium species. They are sometimes sold under the name of “Sebae Clownfish”, which is actually the species name of a very different clownfish. Full grown Clarkii Clownfish can reach a size of about 4 inches, and are territorial when full grown. This is a species easily cared for in aquariums and will accept a wide variety of foods. Most clownfish eat some algae in nature, and this should be included in their diet. Clarkii Clownfish are the most widely distributed anemonefish in the world, and show a large range of color variation. They occur from the Caroline Islands in the east, west to the Persian Gulf, north to Southern Japan and south to the New Hebrides. We grow two varieties of Clarkii clowns at ORA. One of the varieties originates from the Solomon Islands, and fish from this lineage develop dark black flanks that contrast their bright yellow fins. Clarkii are one of the least restrictive species when it comes to host anemones, and will associate with a variety of them. Clarkii regularly produce nests of over 1,000 eggs, as often as 3 times per month. Their eggs hatch in 7 to 9 days. It typically takes 4 months for a Clarkii clownfish to grow to a seller-sized individual.

$14.99 *
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12 Micro Stars

These little guys are very good detritous feeders. They will hide in crevices in rocks or bury slightly beneath the sand by day, and venture out by night to forage. They have been known to reproduce easily in aquariums. They will definitely eat stuff where nothing else can get to. Another GREAT price from FloridaPets!

$27.99 *

Common Marginella Snails

Common Marginella snails are very attractive miniature Cowery type snails. These snails are detrivores and active scavengers. They will bury themselves in the substrate from time to time. They will devour extra food that falls uneaten.

$1.69 *
In stock

Bubble Snails

The Bubble Snail(Bulla Occiddentalis) is a great snail to have for freshening up your sand/mud bed. These snails are omnivores and will hunt tiny organisms like some worms and tiny mollusks. They will also eat cyano and diatoms. They are primarily a nocturnal snail. They will be seen climbing rocks and glass at different times of the day. They are reef safe and a unique addition to your aquarium.

$2.49 *
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Blue Leg Hermit

Caribbean Blue Leg Hermits make excellent scavengers. They will eat filamentous algae and cyanobacteria. These little crabs are very active and beautiful.

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