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 We've held off as long as we could... Shipping costs have risen, and we must increase our shipping rates to meet the costs. However, our subscription prices will REMAIN UNCHANGED! Now is the time to sign up for our subscription pods. Receive a portion of pods every month, add items on to your monthly pods with no added shipping charges. You can't beat that!

Did you Know:

  1. We collect our pods weekly.
  2. We Ship our pods all over the country, even where you live!
  3. We Guarantee live arrival of pods to you!
  4. We can ship our pods to you automatically each week, every two weeks, or monthly!
  5. We look forward to hearing from you!
  6. Each portion of Pods contains over 100 Pods
  7. Your Fish Are Glad You're Here!

John and Shelley


       Receive Our Live Pods for your fish AUTOMATICALLY EACH MONTH!


Treat your fish for about .66ยข/day.

See our featured products below:

 Plus sales tax(FL Res.), and delivery