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Royal Gramma

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The royal gramma is relatively small, averaging slightly over 8 cm (3 inches) and has been tank bred. Due to their relatively peaceful nature, diet, and small size, the royal gramma is considered an ideal inhabitant for most reef aquaria containing coral and other invertebrates. They are often kept in reef aquaria and are generally kept singly or in pairs. However, small groups can be kept as long as the tank is large enough and has enough cracks and crevices for each fish to have its own territory. They are, however, resistant to most diseases and make very good beginner fish. It will also accept frozen and meaty foods, such as brine shrimp and mysis shrimp in the wild. The royal gramma is very easy to feed; but rotating their foods is said to keep them from becoming picky. Captive royal gramma will also eat flake and pellet foods. 

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