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Frostbite Clown Fish

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Created by blending all the best traits of an ORA Snowflake with an ORA Gladiator, our Frostbites have some beautiful and distinct features. Typically these fish will have a dark black trim around vibrant orange faces and tails. As they mature, they develop a frosty blue hue around the borders of their white flanks. A widely variable feature of our Frostbites is the number of spots or “buckshot”, some fish may have several while others may have none.


Product Note Status Price
Black Ocellaris Clownfish Black Ocellaris Clownfish
$19.99 *
Gold Stripe Maroon Clown Gold Stripe Maroon Clown
$18.99 *
Fire Clown Fish Fire Clown Fish
$21.99 *
Clarkii Clown Clarkii Clown
$15.99 *
Picasso Clown Fish Picasso Clown Fish
$35.99 *
True Percula Clown Fish True Percula Clown Fish
$14.99 *
White Stripe Maroon Clown White Stripe Maroon Clown
$19.99 *
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