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Ghost Shrimp ea.

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Customer ratings for Ghost Shrimp ea.

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Average rating: 5
from on 1/4/2020
Fast shipping! All arrived alive, and are a great addition to the reef tank!
Doing Great
from on 9/19/2016
I ordered a few of these as cleaners rather than food, and they're doing great. One of the most active tank critters I've got.


Product Note Status Price
Ghost Shrimp 25 Ghost Shrimp 25
25 Ghost Shrimp.
$12.49 *
Pods Pods
Our famous Pods over 100 per portion.
$14.99 *
Ulva(Sea Lettuce) Ulva(Sea Lettuce)
Pods just love Ulva. They eat it and live in it.
$7.99 *
Gracilaria Gracilaria
Pods eat and live in Gracilaria as well.
$9.99 *
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