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Ghost Shrimp 50

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Average rating: 4.5
from on 10/21/2015
I use these as food for a painted angler fish. The sad part is that I enjoy watching the shrimp as much as the angler!! The packing of these shrimp is excellent, as they are bagged in small groups so as to promote optimum travel conditions. I Wii be a regular customer for sure.
My Saltwater Fish like catch them!
from on 10/12/2015
My Wrasse, Tang even my Seahorse try to catch them! I buy lot of this Ghost Shrimp and was always happy with my order! I actually buy once or two time a month from FloridaPets! Extremely Recommended

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Gracilaria Gracilaria
Sometimes referred to as 'Tang Heaven'. Great for herbivores.
Ulva(Sea Lettuce) Ulva(Sea Lettuce)
Pods and other herbivores LOVE this stuff.
Pods Pods
All natural 'Wild' assorted pods.
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