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Turtle Grass 3 Plant Pack

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This fabulous marine plant is an interesting addition to any aquarium or refugium.  Each plant shoots up from a strong runner.  It is exciting to watch as new plants spring up from the ends of the runner.  It grows best with good quality, strong lighting for at least 8-10/ hrs a day.  Turtle grass requires a good six inch+, mature sand bed for optimal root structure. Seahorses and other little creatures love to hang out around it's broad leaves.  Purchase a cup or two of the substrate from which it grows in the wild.  Turtle grass will go through a month or two acclimation stage upon it's relocation.  We have had years of experience harvesting and keeping this grass.  Please contact us with any question or comment.


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Live Mud 1 Cup Live Mud 1 Cup
Live Mud 3 Cups Live Mud 3 Cups
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