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We only sell in bunches of six as this grass has such a a fine leaf.

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Most plentiful of the sea grasses.  Fairly easy to grow. Requires min. 2" sand/mud bed. Will grow to about 12".

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Tall broad leafed sea grass requirse a deep sandbed of between 4"-8" deep.

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This is among the most hardy and fastest growing of all our sea grasses. It is a relatively small grass in comparison to the tall Shoal, Manatee, and Turtle grasses. This is also one of the more delicate leaves of the grasses. It's delicate leaves make it a little more susceptible to herbivores.

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This marine plant is an interesting addition to any aquarium or refugium. It grows best with good quality, strong lighting for at least 8-10/ hrs a day. Turtle grass requires a good six inch+, mature sand bed for optimal root structure.

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